September 21, 2018 Avinash Changa speaker and panelist @ Today's Art Festival -

Inspired by the WIRED documentary ‘Holy Land: Startup Nations’, this panel explores technology as a potential tool for growth and development beyond geographical and bureaucratic confinement.

September 21, 15:00 @ Bleyenberg, Den Haag.

September 25, 2018 Oculus Connect -

WeMakeVR will be attending Oculus Connect 5 from September 25 till 27. If you are also at the event or located in the San Jose area, and would like to schedule a lunch or coffee meeting, please send an email to hello@wemakevr.com.

Not present at Oculus Connect? Afterwards we will be in New York City from September 27 – October 1st and happy to meet!

October 19, 2018 Premiere Burning Man Installation @ ADE -

WeMakeVR collaborated with Dutch artist Dadara and created
a project at Burning Man 2017 that was labeled by Burning Man’s director as “one of the three most important pieces this year.”

The project resulted in a 2D-documentary, a 360-documentary, and an interactive VR-installation. This installation will have it’s premiere at this year’s ADE-festival at October 19th. Follow our Facebook page for updates on the exact location and timings.

October 27, 2018 12 minute talk @ Brainwash Festival -

Rebellious thinkers and artists from the Netherlands and beyond share their insights on today’s most pressing questions, offer clarification in times of confusion and help create new frameworks for progress. Get your tickets here.


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