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We are proud pioneers, resolutely pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality with the mission of giving people moments of joy.


WeMakeVR has been creating Virtual Reality experiences since 2013, following the release of the first Oculus Rift prototype. The state of the technology at the time drove us to create the world’s first stereoscopic VR camera, enabling the production of extraordinary VR content from the start. Since then, WeMakeVR has grown to produce cinematic VR, interactive games and everything in between.


We invest a lot of time into exploring new ways of storytelling, developing VR technologies and optimizing workflows. One of our mottos is “No matter the conceptual challenge, we’ll create a solution”. We’re happy to say that companies like YouTube and HBO have ranked our VR work among the best in the industry. We are also proud to have made the first VR music video, as recognized by Guinness World Records.


Our work is always carefully crafted by a team of creatives who consider your audience, wishes and optimal ways to achieve your goals. Our technical geniuses will then execute this vision throughout the production cycle, ensuring great results. To achieve all this, we stay up to date with- and develop the industry and the technology. Aside from our business ventures we also support projects to research meaningful applications such as medical and educational training experiences.


Our gear

We use the most suitable camera to meet your production needs

Custom built cameras

Commercial cameras

The falcon is a compact stereoscopic VR camera made up of 14 GoPros. It's ideal for challenging camera positions like boats, swings and tight spaces

This VR camera is our latest and greatest own build, comprised of 16 individual GoPros housed in a 3D-printed casing, is capable of shooting mono- and stereoscopic 360 video

The Nokia OZO is the most user-friendly professional VR camera on the market, defined by its compact design and streamlined workflow

This is arguably the most advanced professional VR camera available, made up of 24 cameras that can shoot at up to 120 fps and perform well in low-light conditions

This 6-camera GoPro rig is the perfect solution for a monoscopic 360 shoot because of its size, wireless control and seamless offloading using the Omni Importer software

Our team

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