Sensation 2015
CaseIt's a VR sensation

Sensation 2015

In the summer of 2015, Sensation celebrated its 15 year anniversary with 'The Legacy'. WeMakeVR captured the entire show using three separate VR-cameras, making it possible to relive this event from multiple spots in the Amsterdam ArenA. Watch the exclusive extended edition right here.

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CaseAn experience between life and death

Project Orpheus

How can you give someone sitting on a couch at home the feeling that they are inside a tv-show? That's a question that WeMakeVR and MediaLAB tried to answer with the Project Orpheus in 360º VR Experience. Watch it here.

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blogJune 15th, 2016

WeMakeVR Medical

We can proudly say that we are the first VR company able to combine computer animation, first person perspective, and 360º VR footage. Using state of the art technology, medical students will now be able to experience a single medical procedure from different angles simultaneously. “This innovation will change the shape, quality, and accessibility of […]

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