VR Productions

WeMakeVR is a Virtual Reality production company that offers everything necessary to get an amazing VR experience, whether it is filmed or animated. We will take the idea in your head and build it into a reality that your brain won’t believe is virtually real. If you can imagine it, we can realize it.

We have more than 15 years of experience and have worked with various brands, advertising agencies, filmmakers, artists, 3d-animators, programmers, tourism agencies, architects, festival organisors and so many more.

360° Livestreaming

360° Live Streaming allows you to open up your event to a vast global audience, ensuring that it has a higher reach than otherwise possible. Using a custom camera setup specialized for live streaming, we capture this event in the highest quality possible.

As experienced VR content creators, our team ensures that the camera is optimally placed, putting the viewer at the center of the action and giving them a memorable virtual experience. We have experience hosting live streams at several festivals, including Mysteryland and Valtifest.


Because Virtual Reality, especially stereoscopic 3D VR, is a relatively new technology, lots of consumers and companies are no experts on the subject. Our employees often give presentations and participate in panels to clarify any questions or misconceptions an audience might have. These presentations range from an introduction to VR to specific Q&As about technical details.

If you are interested in getting a speaker for your company or event, please contact us. It is advised to combine these presentations with on-site demonstrations, which we also provide.