Visualizing the invisible

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Visualizing the invisible. How do you show the benefits of a service that is purely digital?

Imagine, you have this incredible digital system, that benefits so many people. But goes unnoticed when working correctly. For Dynniq, we created a Virtual Reality experience where the viewer gets a guided tour through town. Whilst driving, the guide explains to the viewer how the system is enabling the smooth ride through the city. Within less than 4 minutes, the viewer has had an extensive breakdown of a rather digital process and a better understanding of the services provided by Dynniq.

Why Virtual Reality?

The reason why this works particularly well in Virtual Reality is because the viewer finds themselves in a recognizable situation. This feeling of being there, presence, was encouraged by making several links between the VR-experience and the physical world. For example, the host at the conference also makes an appearance in the VR-experience. Additionally, right before the experience ends the viewer is encouraged by the host in the VR-experience to check out the glovebox. In the physical glovebox at the conference, the visitor would find additional information and a small souvenir.


Client: Dynniq
Duration: 4 minutes
Application: Product Experience
Distribution: Conference experience booth installation, permanent Experience Centre installation

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