Meeting Rembrandt

Project details

Meeting Rembrandt is a free GearVR experience that allows you to discover what living in 1642 would be like. Meet one of the greatest painters of all time, Rembrandt van Rijn, as he struggles with his most famous and controversial work, the Night Watch. Not only will you be able to interact with the master himself, but he will also respond to your actions as you explore the setting of the Dutch Golden Age.

Using new techniques that combine high-resolution footage with computer-generated backgrounds, we will transport you to one of the highlights of Dutch history, at the highest level of immersion possible on the Samsung GearVR. This project was supported by Oculus and made in collaboration with ForceField VR.

Download the experience for your GearVR here.



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It's as if you are actually there, up-close with Rembrandt, in his atelier, in his house, as he interacts with you and lets you understand why his work was so controversial in that day and age

Arthur Houtman