Circus Noël – Tightrope walk installation

Project details

WeMakeVR, AVROTROS and VondelCS present Circus Noël VR Experience, in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences together with three graduate students we’ve pushed the boundaries of interactive cinematic VR and made it possible to walk in a filmed environment.

The project is a complementary experience to the Circus Noël youth drama series by AVROTROS, which was broadcasted on December 2017 on Zapp, a Dutch TV channel. It tells the story of Tonie, who gets announced by his father (the owner of Circus Noël) as the new talented tightrope walker of the big Christmas show, but Tonie has a big secret; he’s afraid of heights.

In the VR experience, the user is put in Tonie’s shoes and can practice their tightrope walking skills in a photorealistic environment by putting on the HTC Vive headset while you see the other circus artists underneath the robe practicing their acts. Careful, you don’t want to fall…


Client/partner: AVROTROS, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, VondelCS
Application: A companion piece of the TV series
Distribution: A physical installation showcased on festivals like Oerol 2017, Open Studio Days 2017, Cinekid 2017 and Mediabites 2018.


Hogeschool van Amsterdam


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