posted on 15 February 2018

WeMakeVR Demo Nights

Virtual Reality is on the verge of turning our world upside down and in the Netherlands this is becoming increasingly apparent. In commercials, during The Voice, music and sports livestreams and custom VR cinemas, soon a lot of households will own at least one VR headset and the demand for quality content will rise. How should each industry cope with this shift in technology? What are the differences with the traditional media, and how do you reach this new audience? What developments can you expect in the near future? These questions and more are adressed during the VR-Nights, hosted at the beautiful VondelCS four times a year. Each edition has an introduction to VR for newcomers and enthusiasts, which is followed with a deep dive into a specific subject that is impacted by this new VR wave. In addition to interesting speakers from the field, there will always also be multiple VR-demo’s for everyone to experience themselves.

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