Our mission is to bring people moments of joy, and improve quality of life, with emerging technologies as the tools to continuously go beyond the world’s expectations.



WeMakeVR is an internationally renowned maker of Immersive Experiences, and very active in utilizing Immersive technologies (VR, AR, etc.) for meaningful applications that improve quality of life. Since its inception in 2013, WeMakeVR has developed into one of the most award-winning VR-companies in the Netherlands and is an internationally recognized pioneer.

New York Times, Forbes, VRFocus, Vrij Nederland and many others have written about WeMakeVR, covering it’s educational, healthcare and social purposes work as well as its commercial work. BBC world news has featured WeMakeVR with a prime-time 6-minute interview about VR applications that go beyond entertainment. In addition to its “Guinness Book of World Records”-listing, WeMakeVR has won multiple awards for narrative (Gouden Kalf nomination), innovative (European Excellence Award) and educational VR productions (Bright Award for ‘Best Health Application’), and continues to strive for innovation in storytelling and exploration of the new language of Immersive Experiences.

Brand names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Samsung, Heineken, Oculus, JBL, IBM, as well as musical institutions amongst which the New York Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Berliner Philharmoniker have chosen to work with WeMakeVR.