Immersive Productions

Whether it’s virtual realty, augmented reality or any other reality. We believe it’s not about the technology you use, but about the story you want to share. We develop groundbreaking concepts for any industry and help you with the technical realization from production to post-production. With a background of 15 years in digital productions and six years in the field of immersive technologies, we dare to say we have the technical know-how and creative mindset to develop your project into a meaningful experience.

We can help you develop a concept, or jump in as the production and post-production partner. We offer cinematic VR/AR shoots with or without interaction. We can do car and drone shoots or create a CG environment with mixed reality elements like live actors. Or maybe you want to open up your event to a vast global audience by live streaming it in VR. If you can think of it, we can do it.   


Avinash Changa, founder and CEO, balances the commercial work the company does with truly meaningful, life-improving applications. His mission to improve quality of life has a very strong personal motivation. He is a known international speaker on the topic of Immersive technology and its potential for Global Change. He often talks at international events about the role of Immersive Technologies in the future of other industries and our daily lives.

Examples of previous talks:

NPO2 – Brainwash Talk
Codemotion 2018

Workshops & Masterclasses

Get your audience fully up to speed on Immersive Technologies

Industry workshops
Brands are actively asking their agencies for concepts and productions, but not all creative teams and production departments have the required knowledge on how to select the right partner, handle cost-control, the bidding-process for Immersive Media, creative possibilities, planning, getting the client best value for money/roi, etc. 
WeMakeVR provides on-site workshops to get your teams up to speed. 

Inspirational masterclasses
Exploring the options for your branche? Or more looking for an inspirational masterclass to get your team excited about the possibilities of this new medium? We provide custom masterclasses that helps to bring your project or idea to the next level.