posted on 20 March 2016

Project Orpheus in VR

Every year, WeMakeVR sponsors a project for MediaLab, Amsterdam Creative Industries, and AvroTros. In this project a group of fresh new talent get the chance to experiment with Virtual Reality as a narrative medium.

On Monday March 21st 2016, we will proudly present Project Orpheus. Based on the new Dutch television series, Project Orpheus places you into the mysterious world of strange medical experiments. Experience Orpheus, where you might get a glimpse of the abstract world that lies beyond our own. This experience is available for free at the App Store and at the Google Play Store. Behind the scenes footage is already viewable, right here.

We had a great time making it, this year’s team was a blast to work with! Please enjoy a brief peek behind the scenes created by Huib van den Hoek at Spektor.