Van Oord

Offshore training

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Dutch Royal company Van Oord is a leading international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas, and wind).

As a global player in the marine contracting sector, it’s their obligation to operate safely and with respect for one another and the environment. Everyone who works for Van Oord is expected to take responsibility for safety issues and deal with them proactively.

Since it’s expensive and complicated to let every employee go offshore, even for a short while, Van Oord asked WeMakeVR to develop training in virtual reality based on their safety principles. The VR experience shows the process of specific operations that normally takes 8-24 hours, in a couple of minutes. It emphasizes the dangers on board and of the process by using 3D animations.

This VR training is implemented in the Van Oord Safety Programme and is offered to all new employees.



Camera operator: Leon van Oord & Anneliene van den Boom

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