posted on 05 June 2020

New WeMakeVR projects – funded by the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Industries Fund

Global pandemic doesn’t stutter our work. While there are some restrictions to the usual way of working and inability to host events, WeMakeVR is working hard in making projects come to reality. We are proud and excited to take part in multiple projects supported by Immerse/Interact, an initiative of the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Industries Fund

There are 4 projects you can expect to see in the near future:

Angels of Amsterdam is a VR experience, where you are taken to 17th century Amsterdam, where four tales illustrate that life for women was full of hardships. And some of these hardships have persisted into modern times. The location of this project is in the actual bar in Amsterdam – Cafe Papeneiland (Anno 1642). Creative lead: Anna Abrahams. And produced by WeMakeVR.

Breaking Your Skin is an Immersive self-transforming ritual where an experienced healer offers you the opportunity to conquer your biggest inner barrier. This installation is based on an accurate study of ancient ritualistic cultures and their employment in modern psychology. The works of Alejandro Jodorowsky have been an inspiration for the concept. It aims at engaging people in a journey that is as entertaining as it is life-transforming. Directed by Marco Della Coletta, produced by WeMakeVR.

Orphee et Eurydice will introduce an unusual way to experience VR. In this theatre experience, users will become part of a show and follow the ancient legend of the fateful love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Directed by Robin Coops, produced by M31 Foundation in collaboration with WeMakeVR.

The Imaginary Friend is an accessible and heartfelt story about a boy learning to deal with being different. The 7-year-old boy named Daniel with an extremely vivid imagination has made a new friend: you, the spectator. Throughout this immersive experience, he desperately tries to convince his parents and other peers about your existence and learns to deal with your new presence in his life because you might be problematic for his health. Directed by Steye Hallema, produced by SubmarineChannel, Floreal Films, in collaboration with WeMakeVR, Cassette for timescapes, and SMALL.

In each of these projects, we experiment with the boundaries of VR and the Immersive medium in general. We explore new forms of storytelling and combine multiple new and experimental technologies to create a fully real immersion. Check out WeMakeVR on social media to follow the updates on the projects and learn about the techniques.