posted on 15 June 2016

WeMakeVR Medical

We can proudly say that we are the first VR company able to combine computer animation, first person perspective, and 360º VR footage. Using state of the art technology, medical students will now be able to experience a single medical procedure from different angles simultaneously. “This innovation will change the shape, quality, and accessibility of the entire medical education system”, said Gijs van Acker, the acting surgeon of the captured operation.

The VR experience allows the user to stand alongside the medical team right next to the patient, while viewing a close-up from the surgeon’s point of view at the same time. It is a first in the world of virtual reality that we see a blend of different viewpoints and animation into a single mixed reality. For over two years we have been developing applications for VR that go beyond entertainment, and we are really proud to everyone the true possibilities of the technology with this experience.