Mattie & Wietze pop-up restaurant

Project details

For one week Dutch Radio DJ’s Mattie & Wietze opened their own pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam. Ultimate goal; raising money to fund an innovative VR-project in the Wilhelmina Child Hospital that enables young patients to have a 360-degree live connection with their friends and family at home.

To promote the restaurant WeMakeVR created a 360-degree video that has been released on the radio channel’s social platforms. In addition to this promo, we also created a more immersive experience. In the restaurant, the visitors were invited to a small experiment. They were offered a VR headset in which they were accompanied by Mattie and Wietze. The DJ duo presented the viewer a plate with only sprouts on there. But in reality, the viewer got to taste cheesecake, while wearing the headset. Those unexpected delicious sprouts resulted in a lot of surprised faces.


Client: Qmusic
Application: VR-teaser & Installation at location




Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

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