posted on 15 November 2018

EVENT ENDED: Demo Night November 28th @ VondelCS

At the WeMakeVR Demo Night, you can try VR-experiences and technologies, and learn more about Immersive Experiences. Meet makers,users, and enthusiasts ranging from newcomers to industry-veterans.

In the last Demo Night of 2018, we look ahead. With cheaper and better headsets coming in 2019, which consumers and companies will adopt Immersive Experiences in their daily lives and businesses? And will they use it for marketing, education, communication, entertainment, or will completely new applications pave the way in 2019?

Among our guests is industry-veteran Darius Heydar Pour ( who will talk about how they plan to reach a wider audience for their works. We’ll also do a panel-discussion where we explore if and how new distribution platforms help get content to consumers, how makers will earn a living from it, and what their thoughts are on VR in 2019.

We’ll showcase new work by Daniel Ernst (known for, and Sander Sneek’s awesome Block Rocking Beats will be playable. And of course you can try plenty of other things on various VR-headsets, including the brand new Vive Focus.

The program – Part 01:
18:30 – 19:00 Demo Time! Try different VR-experiences
19:00 – 19:20 Intro to Immersive Experiences (for people who have only tried a VR game or rollercoaster)

Part 02:
19:30 – 19:45 Maker talks: Darius Heydar Pour – reaching new audiences through partnerships
19:45 – 20:00 Looking ahead: cheaper and better headsets – what will the effects be?
20:00 – 20:25 Panel discussion and audience Q&A
20:25 – 21:30 Demo Time!

If you are (relatively) new to VR, sign up for Part 1 + Part 2. If you have been to our Demo Night in the past year, you can sign up for Part 2 only. Order your (free) tickets HERE.

The WeMakeVR Demo Nigths are graciously hosted by VondelCS, located in the former filmmuseum in the lovely Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

See you the 28th!