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A VR short film on how by ignoring lessons of the past, technology has made us blind to the colors in our lives. Can old and young bridge the gap and learn to see the world through different eyes?

For the third time the WeMakeVR team signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project. The goal of this international film competition is to write, shoot and edit a film within 48 hours. With the previous films, Unjust and Hollow, we got to test out some interesting camera angles and implement CGI elements. This time the goal was to push the production design to the next level. This was awarded with a nomination for best production design.

The story is set in a dystopian future where due to over-stimulation (through social media) the younger generations have lost their ability to distinguish colors. They can get back this ability by winning an international live-gameshow. Even though those chances are slim, they are enough to keep everyone engaged. Almost everyone, some people of the older generations do not quite understand why the kids of today would keep doing something that is bad for them. Forgetting, they also made mistakes themselves.


Director: Anneliene van den Boom
Partner: WeMakeVR
Thanks to: FC Hyena & Cultureel Centrum ‘t Fijnhout
Duration: 7 minutes
Application: Stereoscopic VR Short Film




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"Instead of relying on what you know works, you are more inclined to experiment in such a weekend. That’s risky and doesn’t always work out, but the lessons we learn from taking those risks are more valuable than having a perfect film. Luckily most risks that were taken for ChromaGap did work out the way I hoped they would"

Anneliene van den Boom (Director & Screenwriter)