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— AHORSE! has been selected for the South by Southwest Immersive Festival @ Austin, Texas 2019. We’ll be showcasing the installation from March 11th – March 13th. Come visiting us! See the schedule of SXSW for more details —

Ahorse is the brainchild of filmmaker Wendy Gutman. A VR installation that explores the history and future of human imagination as well as media and its increasing influence on humanity. It takes us from Prehistorical times to a future in which the physical world is replaced by a virtual paradise. From the cave we travel through different stages of consciousness, inventing new ways of expressing our imagination along the way, from cave drawings to photography towards a point where we fly out of the frame and become one with the image ourselves.

Wendy worked on a rough draft for years before coming to us to help bring it visually to the next level. Gutman wanted the user to get a sense of these themes by making them experience this evolution. Fine-tuning exactly what she wanted the user to feel was a big part of the process. That’s why we focused on ways for her to stay closely connected to every detail while we were working on it. Through rapid iteration and flexible workflow, we were able to really nail the feeling of every individual scene and help Ahorse come to life. Ahorse premiered at Idfa in November 2018 and is just announced to be showcased at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2019!

Want to try this physical installation in person? Keep an eye on the website ahorse-vr.com or contact us for more information.


Director: Wendy Gutman
Executive Producer: Wendela Scheltema
Supervising Post Producer: Diede Bron – WeMakeVR
Screenwriter: Lenina Ungari, Wendy Gutman, Edwin Gardner
Cinematographer: Reinier van Brummelen
VR Editor and VFX supervisor: Leon van Oord – WeMakeVR
Editor: Fynn Roovers, Leon van Oord
VFX artist: Ricardo Viana – WeMakeVR
Production Designer: Lennart Vader, Zina Kisch, Andries de Marez Oyens, Kaleb de Groot
Sound Designer: Wart Wamsteker
Principal Cast: Seida Palomino, Karen Sefton
Additional Credits: Graphics Church: Remco Blom, Game Engine Design: Aron Fels, Artwork Design: Pauline le Pape, Roosje Klap, Essay: Edwin Gardner, Additional Sound Recording: Peter Flamman, Voice Over Text: Lenina Ungari, Horse Wrangling: Dietrich Verzele, Jean Palomino. Avinash Changa – WeMakeVR.


IDFA 2018

SXSW 2019

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