Brainpower - Troubled Soul

World’s First VR Music Video

Project details

WeMakeVR joined forces with award winning hip-hop artist Brainpower on a truly groundbreaking project: the world’s first VR music video! Shot in March 2015, this unique experience lets you stand atop the Westerkerk church in Amsterdam, look around an empty Ziggo Dome and even visit Brainpower’s home studio. The video was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s first VR music video in December of 2016.

The music video goes beyond the simple ability to look around and introduces editing and visual effects techniques that were revolutionary for it’s time. For example, using a green screen to shoot the artist and then separating the artist from that shot to insert into other shots that had already been recorded. The project also explores narrative structures and the concept of duality, which is one of the track’s themes.

The experience is available on the WeMakeVR app and on YouTube.



Release date: March 14th 2015

Director: Avinash Changa

Camera used: WeMakeVR Prototype Camera




Metro Nieuws

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“You know that feeling when you see something on YouTube that you think is just brilliant and you want to share it with all your friends? That’s the feeling I had with this VR music video idea.”

Brainpower, Hip-Hop Artist