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In October 2015, Tommy Hilfiger and WeMakeVR joined forces to bring one of the biggest catwalk events to customers shopping in a store. Normally, very few people are lucky enough to attend these shows. Even fewer people are allowed backstage, where the entire crew works hard to make the show run smoothly.

But by capturing the catwalk show in virtual reality, we were able to give these exclusive experiences to everyday shoppers. Customers visiting the Tommy Hilfiger store in New York were given a front-row seat to its Fame runway show. After viewing, store employees could help them to their favorite items, and within minutes customers could fit the clothes they just saw during the show.


Client: Tommy Hilfiger

Release date: October 20th 2015

Director: Avinash Changa

Camera used: WeMakeVR Pre-Falcon



The New York Times

VR Focus

Business Wire

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"We’re using virtual reality to open the doors to a unique part of our world, directly connecting the consumers in our retail space with one of our largest brand events each season"

Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger