The MetaMovie Presents: Alien Rescue

Project details

Director Jason Moore created the concept of “The MetaMovie”. In 2017, WeMakeVR’s Avinash Changa and Jason met each other in social VR platform “High Fidelity”, during a playtest of “The Heist”. This was one of Jason’s earlier MetaMovie concepts. Since then, Avinash and Jason have become friends and have been collaborating on further development of the MetaMovie, to explore how this concept could grow and reach a larger audience.

About “Alien Rescue”

In The MetaMovie’s “Alien Rescue” guests become the Heroes in an epic sci-fi adventure, experienced in Virtual Reality. Throughout the story, guests have a level of freedom and interaction not offered by any traditional VR games.

This revolutionary shared experience combines immersive VR storytelling, live theatre, role-playing and video game mechanics. The unprecedented level of interactive freedom is possible because all the characters the guests interact with are performed live, by actors spread across the globe.

Since it’s early preview at the Venice Film Festival in 2020, winning “Best Multiplayer Experience” at the 2021 Raindance Festival, and now winning at the prestigious VR Awards 2022, “The MetaMovie presents: Alien Rescue” has evolved to become one of the best experiences the VR industry has to offer.

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