Ashes to Ashes VR Days Europe Poster
a family dispute set in multiple layers of reality

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes is a short tragicomedy in VR about a dysfunctional family handling the dying wish of the paterfamilias, who requested that his ashes be blown up

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Interactive, Educational, Fun

Beat The Street

Beat the Street is a free, cinematic and interactive VR app for the GearVR, made to teach safe behaviour in traffic to teenagers from 10 to 14 years old.

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Not just playing around

Bloody Mary

Our own lead producer Diede Bron is the star of our latest VR experiment: Bloody Mary. While recently discussing the endless possibilities for scenes that encompass the viewer in 360 degrees, one of our creatives came up with the idea to place the viewer between a person and a mirror. This puts you in a […]

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Sensation 2015
It's a VR sensation

Sensation 2015

In the summer of 2015, Sensation celebrated its 15 year anniversary with 'The Legacy'. WeMakeVR captured the entire show using three separate VR-cameras, making it possible to relive this event from multiple spots in the Amsterdam ArenA. Watch the exclusive extended edition right here.

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An experience between life and death

Project Orpheus

How can you give someone sitting on a couch at home the feeling that they are inside a tv-show? That's a question that WeMakeVR and MediaLAB tried to answer with the Project Orpheus in 360º VR Experience. Watch it here.

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Front row Fashion show

Tommy Hilfiger

In October 2015, Tommy Hilfiger and WeMakeVR joint forces to bring one of the biggest catwalk events to customers shopping in a store. See here how everyday shoppers where able to sit on the front row of a fashion show.

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Brainpower - Troubled Soul

VR Music Video

WeMakeVR created the world’s first Virtual Reality music video with award winning hiphop artist Brainpower. "Troubled Soul" explores ways to combine lyrical themes with visual effects in Virtual Reality. Check it out here.

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Ivan Fisher’s

Budapest Orchestra

Classical conductor Iván Fischer is ranked among the best in the world. WeMakeVR collaborated with Fischer and created a VR-experience which places you right in front of him while he conducts the Budapest Festival Orchestra. Experience how it feels to be part of an orchestra for once, instead of sitting in the audience.

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