Features and specifications

The Falcon

Here are the Falcon VR Camera specifications and features we can share at this point. Stay updated for more info on our next release.

FPS60 and 80fps
Viewing angle360-degree horizontal, 360-degree vertical. So fully upwards and downwards view, no blind-spot.
3D/stereo techNative stereoscopic 3D filming, no post-conversion
PowerOn-board power-management for longer recording times
AudioBinaural or ambisonic audio
Weight2200 grams. (We also have an ultralight weight model of the Falcon specifically for aerial shots)
Mounting-setupsThe setups we use during shoots vary; we've got specific setups for filming inside cars, for high, elevated shots, for small, intimate scenes, for crowd-shots, etc. Depending on the needs of a specific project we either develop new solutions that we can later use for other projects, or we create unique solutions to unique challenges.
File deliveryWe shoot at 60 or 80fps, we deliver either monoscopic or stereoscopic, whatever the client wants, if there's no solution, we'll make one.

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